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While travel and tour agencies are good at managing micro-level needs like airline bookings, hotel reservations and making tour arrangements, Koshi Tours and Travel  Pvt Ltd, Nepal’s leading Travel Management Company (TMC) operates at a macro level where strategic thinking and proactive planning are geared towards meeting your corporate, business and leisure travel needs.

Our travel management capabilities extend far beyond the day-to-day services of a travel agency. We take a holistic approach and manage every aspect of your travel, giving you more time to focus on your priorities.

For the corporate traveler we not only look at how you can save on your travel fares today but rather take a strategic approach to managing the way your organization travels overall, to identify value in the long run.

For the leisure traveler, we know how to pamper you during your hard earned vacation. We manage your accommodation, sightseeing, adventure and trekking requirements and much more. We cater both to the hard core mountaineer and leisurely nature trekker.

Our approach to managing your travel starts with exceptional people. Educated, passionate travel and tour specialists who offer years of industry experience and understand how to ensure customer delight! We understand our clients at many levels: culturally, commercially and geographically. 

To effectively service local and multinational clients doing business in Nepal or around the world, exceptional people must be supported by global reach. 

We at Koshi Tours and Travel  have an extensive global network; utilizing the skills and knowledge of local travel experts on the ground in every region. This ensures consistent global-scale service across all regions working within clear and uniform service parameters. 

In addition to global reach, we are consistently forging and building strategic alliances/relations with some of the most reputable airlines, hotels and car hire companies operating in the ASEAN region. We offer strong negotiating muscle with these partners to provide our clients the required value and service. We recognize and understand that every business in every industry is different. So travel services and solutions must be customized. Clients must be given the flexibility to make choices about the way their travel needs are managed.

Benefits for our clients both corporate and leisure include personalized account management, best fares, customized itinerary to suit time and budget, 24/7 emergency assistance, online reservations assistance and access to travel facts and information with a goal to fulfill every travel requirement.

In the future of corporate travel management catering to both our executive along with the leisure traveler, Koshi Tours and Travel Pvt Ltd strongly believes that exceptional service must be the maxim, not the exception. This means service underpinned by experienced and proactive people, a personalized approach, honesty, accountability and integrity. It will be the key element that not only differentiates us at Koshi Tours and Travel  from travel and tour agencies, but distinguishes the leaders of tomorrow. The key to a successful and rewarding TMC partnership lies in a relationship that can be built on trust. 

With Koshi Tours and Travel  Pvt Ltd, you will be partnering with an agile and experienced company who takes the business of Travel as seriously as you do.
We look forward to you placing your trust in our ability.