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Nagarjun Hiking

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Nagarjun Hiking
: Kathmandu
: Nepali/English

About Nagarjun Hiking

Indulge on natural wilderness strolling through the narrow alley of highlands and pastureland mingling with culturally graceful Nepalese people on short hiking tour within span of one day to three days. Nepal natural jewel carved with cultural and religious blessings is haven for hikers to delve rustic highlands, remote villages, dense forests carpeted with blooming flowers, along with lustrous glimpse of terraced fields, green meadows, snowy peaks glistened with sunrays, rushing rivers, cascading waterfalls along cross-cultural experience.


Exalt on countryside and peaceful settings Nagarjun hill with seducing vision of great vistas of Himalayan range and complete landscape of Kathmandu valley delving rural life and cultures. Encircled by dense forest Nagarjun is only 10 kilometers distant from Kathmandu.

Nagarjun hill also called historical Jamacho peak resides behind Swoyambhunath stupa offering spectacular views of forest and hills around. Hiking of best venue to meditate begins from Phulbari gate exploring Buddhist shrine at top of hill.

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Nagarjun Hiking

Nagarjun Hiking

Highest altitude: Approximately   meters Nagarjun Lowest Altitude: Approximately 1310 meters Kathm...

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