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Kathmandu City Tour

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Kathmandu City Tour
: Kathmandu
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About Kathmandu City Tour

Kathmandu City - Kathmandu Valley has been inhabited for thousands of years, its rich and varied cultural legacy essentially began during the 14th century under the Malla Dynasty. Patronized by the nobility, Newar artisans constructed temples, monasteries and elaborate courtyards that constitute a fascinating architectural history.  Visit Durbar Square and Teleju Temple with its gilded roofs; the present temple was restored by King Mahendra Malla in 1562.  The gate to the Hanuman Dhoka Durbar, the old Royal Palace, is guarded by a statue of Hanuman, the monkey - god, wrapped in a red cloak’ the deity’s face is covered by a thick layer of sindur, a red dust mixed with mustard oil.  Stop at House of the Living Goddess where the virgin goddess known as Kumari may look sown from one of the upper floor windows. Kathmandu derives its name from the 12th century wood temple of Kasthamandap, said to have been built from a single tree.  Walk through the bazaar and labyrinthine back streets of the old city.


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Kathmandu City Tour

Kathmandu City Tour

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